October 2023 – Cribbage Update

Monday 2 Oct, 2023

We had our South Island Crib Tournament, held at The Papanui earlier this month. Hornby had a great turn out with 18 players.

Diane and Rose finished second, while the team also finished second. The winners were Keith and Jeff from Kaiapoi and Kaiapoi also won the team event. A fantastic year Kaiapoi have had with cards.

We had our Mid-Winter Christmas party at Hoofbeats Restaurant, which was beautiful, thank you to everyone that came and the Committee for organizing it.

We’ve had the Tasmen singles which we play 12 games on the night with the following results: Rose Stevens 21, Sharon lord 20, Gina Howden-Winter 18. Tasmen Singles Champion Rose Stevens Congratulations, then we had a normal week before playing. Tasmen Drawn pairs. After 12 games there was a tie for first place with 18 pts Derek Petch, Sharon Lord, Gina Howden-Winter and Terry Rushbridge. We needed to have a play-off with the best of three games, all three games were close. Derek and Sharon won the first game and Gina and Terry won two and three to become the Tasmen Pairs Champions! Congratulations Gina & Terry.

Well done to our part-time Crib player with a Perfect score Julie Cockburn! Winning all her games on a Wednesday night! (GREAT PARTNERS).

We also had these two players go off the board! Great effort.
1. Steve Stevens
2. Russell Reekie


Cribbage Crew