September 2021 Travel Update

Friday 3 Sep, 2021

Hello everybody,

Well, I guess it was inevitable this Delta strain would hit our country. I think we all expected it was a matter of ‘not if’ but ‘when’. It is unfortunate but something we just have to live through. It is difficult, but hopefully the numbers will decrease soon, and we can have some normality back.

The Travel Section has two outings planned but we can only hope these will take place. We need to stay positive, but also, we do need to be realistic. As all the Alert Levels are pretty severe, it is very likely these events may require cancellation.

We have the Waipara wine and beer tasting tour scheduled to take place on 19 September. We have 50 people attending this event.

Also booked is a trip to Hokitika on 1 – 3 October, with 49 members signed up and a deposit paid.

I look forward to catching up at the Club when we are able. Stay strong and keep safe everyone


Lyn Wright