May 2021 Travel Update

Monday 3 May, 2021

Our travel section had 51 members attend our fourth attempt at the Kaiapoi River Queen.

Success we did it!!! Just shows perseverance prevails.

We left Hornby Club at 11.30am on Saturday 27 March and set sail at 12 noon. We were out for almost three hours and it really was worth the wait. The weather was superb, and the trip was very relaxing.

Most of us found the food plentiful and enjoyable. For those of you who didn’t agree, just remember they did a very good job with such a small area to do the meals. Even though they were slow bringing food out at the beginning they certainly did bring heaps out by the time the cruise was over. Patience is a virtue.

The cruise was wonderful visiting areas of the river most of us didn’t realise existed.

An attempt will be made to have a trip in May – yet to be decided.

Our next meeting will be at our AGM, held upstairs, on Monday 19 April at 7pm.

Warm regards
Lyn Wright