Fishing Club

June 2021 Fishing Update

Tuesday 1 Jun, 2021


Any fishing Shop assistant will tell you that you first have to catch the Fisherman. Any story that is plausible enough will catch most fisherman hook line and sinker, especially if you drop a well-known name that has caught heaps on this very lure. Our fishing section is no exception to this rule so much so that on a recent fishing trip we had been catching plenty of fish with the “Frog” a Tassie devil that worked so well three years ago in lake Brunner to have now filled most old tackle boxes because they just don’t seem to work anymore. Suddenly a Chinese whisper, that came on good authority, to strike every time you fish in Lake Dunstan near Cromwell was a Tassie called a “115 Rusty Banana”. One of our very keen fishermen went out to every store in Christchurch and brought the three remaining 115’s left in Christchurch. Now all the fishing tackle stores keep in touch so much so that the distributor of Tassie lures couldn’t believe his luck having orders flooding in from all the Canterbury Tackle shops for this 115.

We are off to Cromwell next year for the Club’s NZ Trout Competition and if you do not have a 115 you are not going to catch a thing, except one of our fishermen took one to Balclutha and caught a fish, they do work. Now we have caught both the Fishermen and the suppliers all that remains is to catch the biggest winning fish. But it does not end there because you now have to have the right length of trace from your main line just to fool the fish into thinking the lure is swimming alone, next you must have the right retrieve speed so the wobble action makes it look like a real morsel for the fish to bite on. Apart from the ones that got away you have to be hooked on fishing to understand the science behind this sport. Come along to our next meeting and find out more. Next you need a good story to explain why you did not catch a fish to hide your embarrassment after buying all those expensive lures.

The Fishing Crew