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July 2022 Fishing Update

Monday 4 Jul, 2022

Winter Boredom For fisherman

Dear Mr Purcell,

Please find for your interest an unsolicited report on the fishing knot you have been promoting.


It is well known that Mr Purcell has previously promoted questionable fishing products and ideas. For example, Tasmanian Devil (Rusty Banana)115, plastic imitation shrimps, drilling an extra hole in Tasmanian Devils to achieve greater trolling depth and any lure that is black and red to name just a few. It must be noted that most of these have proved to be valid, but even so this knot needs to be put to the test.

The testing was conducted by HJR laboratories by Mr Dunn who has a diploma in How to get Sucked into New Fishing Stuff. Mr Purcell and Mr Dunn will henceforth be known as Brian and Colin respectively. With the knowledge gained from his diploma Colin has purchased just about everything Brian suggests. Colin also promotes the FG Knot.


To test the strength of Brian’s knot against two other similar knots and the FG knot. The similar knots are the Double Uni and Blood knots. Brian’s knot appears to be a hybrid of the Uni (braid portion) and the Blood (mono portion).


By using .5M each of Braid and Mono lines of similar breaking strain to create a continues loop with two different knots then break test to see which knot breaks, retie the broken knot and test again. Repeat in full. The break test to be performed around a friction-less boss so there is equal tension on each knot.


Brian’s knot won every test against the Double Uni and Blood knots.

Click to watch here

Brian’s knot failed every test against the FG knot.


Brian’s knot is very easy to tie and should be the go-to knot in the field or for people who hate awkward knots. Under controlled conditions, with the proper tools and plenty of time, the FG would be preferable as in preparing for an upcoming fishing trip.

Yours Sincerely,
Colin Dunn

HJR laboratories motto. Bribery will get you everywhere, and don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.