July 2021 Travel Update

Friday 2 Jul, 2021

Time again for news, from the past month, for the Travel section.

57 Travel members had a fantastic time on June 26 at Rossendale Function Centre for our mid-winter dinner.

The folks at Rossendale did a fantastic job of making the facilities very Christmas like, the staff were all so friendly and hospitable, so it was an absolute pleasure to deal with them.

The team from Rossendale met the bus outside on our arrival, which really gave us a tremendous welcome.

The meal was just beautiful with hot salmon, hot beef with Yorkshire pudding and turkey with roast vegetables and salads, followed by Christmas pudding, mini pavlovas, and lemon curd panna cottas.

The live music was supplied by Churbro who were outstanding. They played non-stop all evening, starting with slow easy listening while dinner was served, then they picked the tempo up for people to dance along.

It really was a most enjoyable evening.

Upcoming events

34 members will be leaving the Hornby Club at 6.45pm on Friday 16 July to attend a performance Hi De Hi by Heaton Street Intermediate. We will be returning to Hornby Club for supper at 10pm.

We are planning a three-day trip to Hokitika leaving on 1 October, more details on this trip will follow in later newsletters.

Our next meeting will be held at 7pm on Monday 19 July upstairs.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Lyn Wright