April 2024- Outdoor Bowls Update

Thursday 28 Mar, 2024

St Patrick’s Day is known as a day of fun, frivolity, friendship plus excitement. This was exactly how the day went for those on the Outdoor Bowls “Mystery Bus Trip” on Sunday the 17th. With some help from Shane, our Bayes Coach Tours driver. We wriggled our way around the Banks Peninsula until we arrived at our destination. The Diamond Harbour Bowling Club.

The vast majority of our members had never been to Diamond Harbour, let alone the bowling club. That included “Tommy”, our mascot. Our hosts made everyone comfortable and quickly had us relaxed and settled with morning tea and a rundown of the day’s schedule.

The green and the surrounding areas looked fabulous, plus the weather was on our side. With such a great destination and host, the bowls were going to be a bonus. Bowling on a new green can be a challenge but the team consisting of Dick Wragg(s) Neville Houston, Bill Stevenson and Christine Payne gave it their best shot and came out the winners. A close second was the team of Derek Owles(s) Dave Hopkins (D.H.) Les Jarvis and Marie McLeod.

A social hour followed with our hosts fully appreciative of being able to have the Hornby Club as their guests. When we arrived back at the Club we found that there was a band of green Leprechauns and music to welcome us. There is a lot to be said about going on a Mystery Bus Trip.

Thanks to everyone who made the day possible. Until next time, stay safe.

Bowls committee