April 2021 Travel Update

Wednesday 31 Mar, 2021

Travel section had a fabulous day out on Sunday 28 February as 46 of us left the Hornby Club at 10am for our trip to Akaroa.

After hearing the news the night before regarding the latest Covid 19 interruptions, alarm bells started to ring. I received several phone and text messages about whether we would still be going.

As we had a private coach and a private charter for the Black Cat, I couldn’t see there being a problem. Maybe the only hitch would be the morning tea stop at Little River. However, I gave them a call and they were happy for us to have the stop over and they would work through the restrictions.

So glad we did!! They were so efficient, and the food was fabulous.

We also had a stop at the Cheese factory at Barry’s Bay where we were able to sample their cheeses and several of us bought cheese there. Thanks to Allan and Bev McNicholl who brought their chilly bin and ice so we were able to keep the cheese cold.

We arrived in Akaroa about 1pm and 26 of us then paid a visit to the Giant’s House. What a fantastic place. Josie kindly made several trips down to the coach to transport us up the hill to her amazing garden and mosaics.

This truly is just incredible, it was a shame some decided against this visit as it really is an amazing spectacle. Hopefully the photos will show this.

On completion of the Giant’s House for some and the balance of our members who spent free time around Akaroa we then all met for the largest package of fish and chips imaginable. James at Murphys really did us proud.

We then met at the wharf for our private sailing on the Black Cat departing at 3.45pm. This cruise was outstanding, we saw 15 groups of dolphins, some blue penguins, seals, albatross and just an incredible 2 hours plus sailing out to the heads. We were extremely lucky that it was such a perfect day.

We arrived back at Hornby Club about 7.30pm. This was definitely the most memorable day out.

Our next event is a fourth time lucky attempt to venture on the Kaiapoi River Queen. Lunch is included and we depart Hornby Club at 11.30am.

Our next meeting will be our AGM and will be held upstairs on Monday 19th April at 7pm.

Nominations for our committee are on our notice board.

Warm regards
Lyn Wright